“That Fuckery Lady”

Lori Eberly is an expert at providing in-depth analysis on the bad habits damaging trust and ruining teams. She is an executive trainer and coach, and the author of the book Fuckery.

Lori’s 10+ years as a hospice social worker revealed the transformational power of dynamic, responsive human relationships, as well as the mechanics of establishing trust, even amid crisis and chaos.

Leveraging these skills — emotional intelligence, self-awareness and rabid curiosity — Lori transitioned her career to develop executives in Europe, Asia, and across the US.

Recognizing the need for systemic, root-level change to create lasting results, Lori founded Radius Executive Coaching & Development. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Radius draws from the best in neuroscience and organizational development to create a full-circle approach for teams, individuals, and organizations experiencing rapid growth.

Radius provides actionable strategies to overcome bad habits, reclaim lost productivity, repair disabled communication and eradicate what threatens success.

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“The Facilitator”

Companies rely on her for effective communication across matrixed organizations. 

  • Champion of ownership and accountability

  • No time for finger pointing

  • Leadership Matrix master


“The Doctor”

A Professor Emerita at Portland State University, Julie is an experienced educator, researcher, and author of numerous publications.

  • Unabashed neuro-geek

  • Work-life integration expert

  • Translating neuroscience into practical applications


“The Decoder”

Torri brings in-depth coaching skills and behavior analysis, along with crisis intervention and behavior management. She has a multi-sensory capacity to see and understand dimensions of behavior beyond self-awareness..

  • Founder and CEO of BEHCA behavior software

  • Bridge diverse viewpoints and arrive on common ground

  • Leverages neurodiversity to help clients navigate workplace relationships


"The Equalizer"

Kaig is a queer, transgender athlete and educator who applies a unique, multi-layered lens to increase understanding and inclusion for people of all genders.



Kathleen brings her lived and professional experiences as a woman of color to help teams and leaders to improve workplace diversity, strive for equitable outcomes, and nurture inclusive organizational cultures.

  • Direct and compassionate truth teller

  • Passionate about narrative-building, systems-changing processes

  • Brings a rigorous power and equity analysis to every project

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Lori has been a critical part of positive change for our organization and my personal growth as a leader in a highly dynamic technical market.
— Mantreh Nournia, Global Business Leader

Lori unlocks the door to skills that dramatically enhance one’s effectiveness in the executive environment, namely improving self-awareness and developing emotional intelligence. I have found Lori to be a pleasure to work with and very results orientated.
— Wayne Dunstan, Senior Director at Cymer