Radius workshops are not for the faint of heart. We’re known for telling it like it is, moving at a fast pace, and delivering aha! moments that alter thinking and ripple through the organization.

Go beyond the cliché talks and feel-good guest speakers. It’s time for workshops that challenge the status quo and open new possibilities for your team. After all, investing in your people is investing in your business.

Radius ECD partners with experts to deliver content on:

  • The Fuckery Factor

  • The Art and (neuro)Science of Feedback

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness for Managers

  • Gender + Power

  • Operationalizing Equity

  • Assertive Communication

  • Neurodiversity

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Collaboration & Accountability

  • Cultivating Belonging & Momentum

  • Understanding Your Brain

  • Change Management 

  • Meetings That Don’t Suck

  • Managing In A Matrix

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Organizational Development

leadership development

corporate training

coaching cohorts

Lunch & Learns

Offsite facilitation

conference breakouts

Takes the elephant out of the room – brings focus and accessible language to difficult subject matter.
It took away the awkwardness and shame of bringing up uncomfortable topics...We ended up resolving as a team to stop some trust-damaging habits that no one talked about before this exercise.
Great communication opportunity with the team. I have never had this conversation

All Radius workshops are designed in two and four-hour modules, ideal for augmenting your learning and development program. We can also create full-day immersive experiences and map courses that catapult your employees to be the leaders you need them to be.