As a leader, it’s crucial to understand where you thrive and why you stall, then take strategic, focused steps to rise to your optimal performance – which has an inevitable ripple effect on your team.

If you’re looking to amplify strengths or advance successors, executive coaching is where it’s at. Buyer beware: We poke around in dark corners so you learn what’s holding you back.

Nothing we do is off-the-shelf. We never push you into a mold or apply tired templates. All work is customized for you and the culture of your company. We know that real progress is the result of insightful, integrated engagement.

Real Support for Real Transformation

Executive Coaching is generally provided throughout six months and includes biweekly sessions as well as a 360-degree interview assessment.

Observation and attendance at key meetings and/or reviews is included for candid feedback to improve critical leadership skills. We deliver a leadership development plan that includes clearly defined goals and objectives.

Developing more than one leader? Ask us about Cohort Coaching.

  • Get out of your own way

  • Clarify your goals and focus

  • Understand the root cause of symptoms that divide success

  • Examine barriers to accountability and collaboration on your team

  • Drive meaningful, lasting change to move you and your company forward

Lori Eberly is efficient with the truth.
— Katie Coulson, Vice President, Skanska