Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In April 2019, I sat down and recorded a conversation with Radius collaborator, Torri Wright. The See Beyond Behavior podcast aims to make sense of the complex and challenging world of behavior. Each episode delves into different behavioral topics, from parenting a child on the spectrum, to the ins-and-outs of trauma informed care. Torri imparts her own knowledge from over twenty years in the special education and behavior field, inviting those living with challenging behaviors themselves, families, educators, and professionals to join her in sharing their perspectives and experiences.

I contacted Torri a few years ago when I was struggling to understand a couple of my clients. Brain-based coaching requires adaptability and creativity, especially when connections don’t come easily. Torri generates ideas and challenges my patterns when I’m working with people who process, behave, and relate differently than I do. She’s a teacher and mentor to me, and a tremendous resource for our clients. Have a listen to our episode, Neurodiversity in the Workplace: